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WOTC Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc.

We Truly Care

The scrap metal industry recycles more than 150 million metric tons of scrap metal annually. It also helps with transforming obsolete materials into useful raw materials. Sending metal debris and appliances to landfills cause harm to the environment and could cost extra fees.

Instead, stop by our warehouse in Anchorage to get paid for recycling and help the environment!


* Oil pans & filters must be removed
* Open drums must be rinsed - NO residue
* Long pieces must be cut under 6 foot in length

Unacceptable Material

* Scrap containing Asbestos material
* Excessively greasy and oily scrap
* Un-drained auto transmissions or motor blocks 
* NIMH/LION/NICASD batteries or pieces of batteries
* Closed or sealed drums & barrels
* Radioactive equipment & containers or explosives
* Oil insulated transformers or their cases, rectifiers, capacitors, etc.
* Light fixture ballasts or any other light bulbs
* Rubber coated items or tires
* Non-metalics such as wood, glass, concrete, plastic, or garbage

Ferrous Metal and Non Ferrous Metal - Free for Recycling < 50 lbs.

Ferrous metal are magnetic and contain iron.


Heavy Metal Steel (HMS)

​Iron and Cast Iron

Aluminum - Cans, Extrusion, Siding, Cast, Shavings

​** Due to the recent decline in the value of ferrous metal, WOTC can no longer pay for ferrous metal, however, we will still recycle any ferrous metal free of charge if you have less than 50 pounds. There is a small fee for ferrous metal over 50 pounds.

WOTC recycles both non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. To inquire about prices, call our office at (907) 344-1133 or send us an e-mail at

For all scrap metal transactions, we require a valid government-issued photo ID.

Non-Ferrous Metal - We Pay Top Dollar 

Non-Ferrous metal are non-magnetic and more resistant to corrosion. 

Copper - Wire, Pipe, Sheet, Solids

Aluminum - Wire, Rims (no tires)

Brass - Yellow, Red, Borings

Stainless Steel-316 ONLY


Radiators - Aluminum, Copper, Brass

scrap metal recycling

Office: (907) 344-1133

8820 King Street, Anchorage, AK 99515